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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

After the Project

Of the poems in The 55 Project, several of them appeared here for the very first time. Some of their poets are now including them in their new collections, including:

Reaching Forever
by Philip C. Kolin
2019 - (Poiema Poetry Series) Cascade Books

Full Worm Moon
by Julie L. Moore
2018 - (Poiema Poetry Series) Cascade Books

Getting To Gardisky Lake
by Paul J. Willis
2016 - Stephen F. Austin State University Press

Sea Glass: New & Selected Poems
by Luci Shaw
2016 - WordFarm

Where The Sky Opens
by Laurie Klein
2015 - (Poiema Poetry Series) Cascade Books

Small Rain
by Barbara Crooker
2014 - Purple Flag