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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Poem 017

Riddle, rhyme, and rhythm play
to catch some and turn some away;
to forge—inscrutable the plan—
back into shape the mind of man;
to separate the wheat from tare,
the reprobate from those who care,
and think upon dark things of woe—
vast, mystic things that we should know;
embrace so freely without thought.
Things in the fiery furnace wrought.

Come to the Water as a child.
Come to the Fountain meek and mild.
All gifts of God, sacred and kept
for those who have seen Christ, and wept.

Scáth Beorh of St. Augustine, Florida is proud of his Ulster-Scot and Cherokee ancestry. He has published several books, including the novel Black Fox In Thin Places and the story collection Children & Other Wicked Things (both published in 2013). Seraphyre is, in part, forged from Isaiah 55:1.