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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Poem 019

I come. I've been working my way to this
Since the womb. But leaving is hard,
Emptying my pockets of wallet and passport,
Leaving the bright lights, leaving the sights.

-----Pre-advent tamaracks show the way,
-----Exploding from green to gold, bursting
-----Into flares marking the way home,
-----Laying down, needle by needle, gold carpet.

I grew up on conifers,
Evergreen fir and pine and spruce.
Tamaracks are an annual surprise,

-----Opening the woods to winter light,
-----Invitation to a less that is more.
-----I loosen my grip, slow my pace, coming home.

Eugene H. Peterson of Lakeside, Montana, is professor emeritus of spiritual theology at Regent College in Vancouver. He is best known for the Bible translation, The Message (NavPress). Visit Kingdom Poets to find out more about him.The poem "Homecoming" may be found in his new collection Holy Luck (2013, Eerdmans) and came by way of Isaiah 55:1.