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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Poem 022

Come, dip a scallop shell into the font
For birth and blessings as a child of God.
The living water rises from that fount
Whence all things come, that you may bathe and wade 
And find the flow, and learn at last to follow
The course of Love upstream towards your home.
The day is done and all the fields lie fallow
One thing is needful, one voice calls your name.

Take the true compass now, be compassed round
By clouds of witness, chords of love unbound.
Turn to the Son, begin your pilgrimage,
Take time with Him to find your true direction.
He travels with you through this darkened age 
And wakes you everyday to resurrection.

Malcolm Guite of Cambridge, England is the author of two recent poetry collections, Sounding the Seasons (2012) and The Singing Bowl (2013) both from Canterbury Press. He is an Anglican  priest, chaplain, teacher, poet, and singer-songwriter. Visit Kingdom Poets to find out more about him."Upstream" flows out of Isaiah 55:1.