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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Poem 025

With, Without
It begins with a body
strapped for cash, alert
only to economies of thirst. Ends

with a body moving
to the music mountains make,
the phrasing of lakes, cloud

improvisations. The journey
is personal. Spills
occur, with or without

words like covenant, splendor.
Endowed with splendor, a body
travels light, eats well with

or without utensils, money, food. Feeds
multitudes unaware, alert only
to birds, grass,

lilies, the like. As
for those who destroy the earth,
they will be destroyed.

Brad Davis of Pomfret, Connecticut is a counselor at the Pomfret School, and has taught at the College of the Holy Cross, Eastern Connecticut State University, and the Stony Brook School. His latest poetry book is Still Working It Out (Poiema Poetry Series/Cascade Books). Visit Kingdom Poets to find out more about him."With, Without" is drawn from Isaiah 55:7.