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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Poem 026

Looking Forward
after Michelangelo’s David

The seventeen-foot-high
marble giant—
unable to wear the king’s
encumbering armor—

stands naked
twisting contrapposto
—as conflicting as a guilty man
freely pardoned—

sling slung over his shoulder,
right hand clutching solid rock—
like a fortress
resistant to hammer-blows—

eyes pierce through centuries
looking at Rome—
crucifier of his Savior
fruit of his loins—

unaware that curls are coiling
a premature crown
above his ears.
Ears listening

to a promise recoiling
through the millennia
I will make an everlasting
covenant with you.

He stands silent as white—
a witness to the peoples.

Nellie deVries of Grand Rapids, Michigan is one of the members of the Festival Circle where this blog was first introduced. This is her second contribution to The 55 Project. She has authored three books for children that were published by Baker Book House. "Looking Forward" was sculpted from Isaiah 55:3, 4 & 7.